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All Groups MUST check availability of cross country course and notify The Horse Park office BEFORE riding. 

PLEASE turn in applications BEFORE riding on the property.

Please call The Horse Park office to verify course status.

Day haul-in parking is located in the South and North lots, not in RV spaces/areas. 

Intermediate & Advanced XC Jumps are always CLOSED except during the Horse Trials.

Above photos were taken by Horse Park Staff.

Arena Update as of Friday, September 24th, 2021 12:41 PMEST



Please read the rules/policies for The Horse Park at Woodside. These rules/policies are necessary to protect the rider, horse, and the integrity of the cross country course.


                     Arena Status

                Updated Friday, September 24th, 2021



          All arenas are OPEN.         

               Cross-Country is OPEN.                

   The Perimeter Trail, Exercise Track, and Conditioning Hill are OPEN



Please use good judgement and caution while hacking and jumping on Cross-Country. Intermediate and Advanced jumps are always closed for schooling. 

Reminder: NO non-approved, vehicles, motorcycles, bikes, and/or golf carts are permitted on the Cross-Country field/courses!


Exclusive use of an arena must be cleared with The Horse Park office. When not reserved for a show, clinic, rating or event, all arenas are available to Horse Park members and are designated for the following uses:

                                        Arena Use                                       Notes/ Equip.       Status
GP Annex / Covered Arena

 See Covered Arena page



Grand Prix

Flat / Jumping

Whiskey Hill

Reining / Flat            



Mountain Home Dressage / Jumping     OPEN
Bay Arena

Flat / Jumping



Bay Arena Annex

Flat / Jumping

Polo Arena

Polo / Driving / Flat




Four Winds

Flat / Jumping

Four Winds Annex

Flat / Lunging

Round Pen by North Barns Flat / Lunging     OPEN
Exercise Track       OPEN
Perimeter Trail Hacking only.     OPEN
North Cross Country Jumping allowed, see notice  


South Cross Country

Jumping allowed, see notice



Lunging Area (N. parking lot) Lunging     OPEN
South Lunging Area Lunging     OPEN

*Lunging is allowed only in arenas specified above.