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Donate to The Horse Park at Woodside

Why help realize the vision for The Horse Park ?

The Horse Park at Woodside is a non-profit equestrian sporting facility that benefits the local and regional equestrian and non-equestrian communities. Its mission is to provide educational, recreational and competitive opportunities for youth and adults while respecting and caring for the environment and preserving the rural equestrian character of the surrounding areas. Conveniently located in the heart of the metropolitan Bay Area, the Horse Park enables access to equestrian sports for children and adults who wouldn't otherwise be able to ride. It has provided remarkable opportunities for Horse Park members, Pony Clubers, Young Riders, event participants and charity groups for over 20 years, while preserving rapidly disappearing open space for use by equestrians, dog walkers and nature lovers.

Who will benefit?

Equestrian and non-equestrian communities alike will all benefit if the vision for the Horse Park is realized. Horse Park members, Pony Clubbers, Young Riders and event participants will all enjoy a conveniently located, high quality, multi-use equestrian facility for recreation, training and competition. Charity groups will benefit from a choice location for their events and programs, and residents of Woodside and Portola Valley will take pleasure in the magnificent beauty of the land and in the knowledge that it is well cared for and preserved for equestrian use.

Help realize the vision


Your tax-deductible gift will enable The Horse Park to continue offering educational, recreational and competitive equine activities for youth and adults while caring for the land, complying with County regulations, and preserving open space and a rapidly disappearing rural equestrian lifestyle.