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The Horse Park welcomes members to use this beautiful 272 acre equestrian facility, right in the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area. Members have a choice of joining The Horse Park with an annual Full-Use Membership or a Basic Membership which allows one to Pay-As-You-Go. It is the goal of The Horse Park to keep membership costs as low as possible and consequently, the monthly cost for annual membership is comparable to a monthly fee for a local gym membership.





      2023 Full-Use Membership Form


      2023 Day-Use Membership Form



Click here to download The Horse Park 2023 Rules & Guidelines,

and Dog Walking Rules



2023 Annual Full Use Membership

Full use memberships which include full use of the facility are available for individuals (both dog and horse), trainers (dog or horse), families (dog or horse), farms, and individuals of an approved affiliate. The affiliate memberships include the US Pony Club (USPC) and the Young Rider Program (YRP) and Young Rider Advancement Program (YRAP) and are eligible for a special affiliate membership at a reduced rate.

Family membership is available for up to 4 core household members (parents and children) and a Farm membership is available for up to 2 people.

Trainers must have trainer liability insurance and name The Horse Park at Woodside as additional interest.  Farms must submit liability insurance that insures the individual and farm employees and names The Horse Park as additional interest.  Proof of insurance must be provided with membership.

To ensure compatibility with the equestrian focus of the park, dog walkers must observe the dog walking rules and procedures.

2023 Pay As You Go Membership

Pay As You Go membership is designed for occasional park users who visit The Horse Park on an average of once a month or less. The Basic membership fee includes the first day-use pass. On subsequent visits, Pay As You Go members can purchase a day-use pass upon each park visit.