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April 23rd-27th: Woodside Spring Preview

May 1st-4th: Woodside Spring Classic

May 9th-11th: UPHA Chapter 1 Horse Show

May 16th-18th: Woodside Spring Dressage

May 23-25: The Spring Event at Woodside Horse Trials

photo by Katie  Trafton

      photo by Alden Corrigan

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                                                    Special Notices

Horse Park Staff and Board of Governors  wish to extend a huge thank you to Julie White, who has generously donated her time for the past 5 years to organize The Spring Flowers Combined Test!

Julie currently organizes the Spring Flowers as well as the Woodside Pony Club Classic Horse Show in Sept.

Thank you Julie!

Congratulations to Mike Raynor, a member of The Horse Park at Woodside, for winning the Extreme Cowboy Association State Championships at Cameron Ranch in Rosamond, CA on March 16!

Mr. Raynor currently leads the World in points and will go on to compete in the World Championships later this year.


Four Winds Arena will be CLOSED, Wed. 4/16, for maintenance!

Please remain alert to your surroundings, do not leave valuables visible and notify the office of any unusual activity on Horse Park grounds.


Drought Prevention Measures Being Taken at The Horse Park

After three consecutive years of below-normal rainfall, California faces its most severe drought emergency in decades. California Governor, Jerry Brown, has called for its residents to reduce water usage by 20 percent voluntarily.

In light of this call to action, and in accordance with our dedication to land stewardship, the Horse Park will be taking the following steps to reduce/conserve our water usage:

In addition, the Horse Park is asking all boarders, members and trainers to join our efforts, on a voluntarily basis (to start), in order to conserve water whenever possible. For example:

Be advised, these and other safeguards may go into effect on a mandatory request if the situation worsens and the need arises!

We thank you in advance for helping us conserve this valuable and now limited resource.

The Horse Park at Woodside

April at The Horse Park


The Horse Park is a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to land preservation and equestrian sport.  Our land stewardship includes, erosion control and native plant restoration while our equestrian programs encompass all that a premier equestrian facility has to offer: an international level cross country course, state-of-the-art footing, a covered arena, 9 arenas and much more! 

We are unique to California and the west coast because we boast 272 beautiful acres, right in the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area that is conveniently 2 min from a major highway while seeming to be miles from everywhere. 

In an effort to maintain this equine treasure, The Horse Park offers low cost memberships for both horse riding and training as well as for dog walking, but donations to this non-profit are what have made this beautiful park thrive.  Everything we achieve, we do so because of generous individuals that share our vision and dedication to providing opportunities for educational, recreational and competitive activities in a variety of equestrian disciplines.  We believe that The Horse Park at Woodside provides a balanced platform for the growth and development of youth and adults alike.

Please read The Horse Park at Woodside's Park, Dog and Cross Country Rules. These rules are in place to protect the rider, horse, and the integrity of the cross country course.

Larry's Corner: March 9, 2014


Updates, Notices, and Stuff

Event season is fast approaching; expect to see significant activity in preparation on site in the next two months!


The San Mateo County Sheriff Department, with the assistance of Horse Park staff, have apprehended the suspect that was involved in the auto break-ins last year at the Park, and he is currently awaiting trial!! We do ask that all members of the Park continue to secure their belongings/valuables and be aware of their surroundings!

Parking Issue:

We are experiencing an increased number of vehicles parking on site overnight, and at times for days, without notification or permission to/from the Horse Park office! During non-event times this will only be permitted in an emergency, and then only in a designated area. The Horse Park cannot assume the liability for any vehicle or its contents, unauthorized vehicles will be towed at the owner's expense.

Drought Prevention Measures:

Don't be fooled by the recent rainfall, the State of California continues a serious drought crisis! All members will receive a seperate notice as to the steps that are being taken by management and to address our expectations from Members, Boarders and Trainers. We will also post this notice on our website as an effort to reach all those that utilize the Park.

Dog Walking Members:

There is a scheduled Dog Membership meeting on Wed., March 19th at the Horse Show Office, by the Polo arena, at 6:00pm-7:00pm. The purpose of this meeting is to update and address issues/concerns and/or answer any questions this facet of our membership program may have.

Auto/Bicyclists Cautionary Notice:

It is very important that all drivers and bicyclists practice basic traffic laws and utilize common sense when entering, exiting or passing by the Horse Park.

Non-Member Use of The Horse Park:

We have seen an increase in the number of non-members utilizing the park for their own exercise/recreational use, i.e. bicyclists, walkers, joggers, hikers, etc.... Although this may not seem to be a serious issue on the onset, it does present an increased liability to the Park and safety risk to those that utilize the Park as members. If you know of anyone utilizing the Park in this manner, please contact or refer that person to the office to apply for the proper membership. There will be limitations as to the use of such activities, based on Horse Park rules, policies and regulations. We look forward to their membership!

Speed Limits/Automatic Gate Caution Notices/Hours:


As a reminder there are NO unauthorized vehicles permittited on the Cross-Country Course, this includes golf carts, scooters/motorcycles, 4-wheelers, bicycles, etc... as they may present a hazard in regards to horses/riders that utilize the course/trails as well as possible erosion issues which may hinder our land management efforts!


Please report all incidents and/or violations, immediately to the Horse Park office, not after the fact! If after hours and an emergency, continue to utilize the office number as the answering service is instructed to contact Larry Gimple and Caesar Bisono immediately!

Electrical Renovation Project Update:

The final phase: RV hook-up installation should be completed by March 31, 2014! Again, thank you to all those that supported this project and to those that were affected. We appreciate your patience!

Cross-Country Course/Perimeter Trails:

With the wet season fast approaching it is important to remember, when open: Remain on tracks, trails, and paths only, do not ride on areas of growth.

Pasture Boarders:

Management has made a concerned effort these past months to improve our pasture boarders working areas by: adding structures for feed, installing individual lockers, installing lighting to the working areas and structures, and increase tractor maintenance in pasture areas. ENJOY!

Guess What? Did You Know?

Guess What:

In Woodside, annual precipitation averages 30.9 inches and falls on an average of 61 days annually. The record maximum temperature was 114 degrees F on July 22, 2006, and the record minimum temperature was 17 degrees F on Feb. 6, 1989. The maximum rainfall in one year was 59.86 inches in 1983. The maximum rainfall in one month was 20.5 inches in Dec. 2002 and the maximum in a 24-hour period was 4.64 inches on Dec. 1, 2002. On Feb. 5, 1976, 3.0 inches of snow fell at the fire station... no fires reported during that period.

Did you Know:

Prior to my arrival as Executive Director, 6.5 out of 10 vehicles drove through the Park at an average speed of 32.5 MPH. Currently this number has diminished to 5.3 out of 10 vehicles drive through the Park at only 30.3 MPH! Let us all strive to achieve what used to seem an insurmountable goal, and set an average of 3.5 out of 10 vehicles that enter and drive in the Park below the 30 MPH mark! :-) I've got confidence that we can all attain this goal by years end!!

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation!

Larry Gimple

Executive Director


The Horse Park at Woodside is committed to:

* Thoughtful stewardship of the land.
* Providing broad access to land appropriate to equestrian use.
* Adding value in the community.
* Other activities compatible with equestrian uses.


Our Service Providers


Our Official Food Provider: Serving Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.Sweet Shop Restaurant Logo

Open during shows. Catering menus available for any size party. for more information, contact Nicholas Johnson at the Sweet shop.
(614) 571-4142.




Our Official Sanitation Service Provider:

Providing portable sanitation services for construction, events and more.

Ph: 408 727-7700

Fax: 408 727-7704

3730 Basset St. Unit B

Santa Clara, CA, 95054