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We are grateful to all fire fighters, volunteers and members of our community working to keep us all safe during this most challenging time.

Above photos by Katie Trafton.

     Above photo by Alden Corrigan.

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The following arenas have been groomed as of 9/18/2020:



The other arenas remain open but not recently groomed.



The Horse Park asks all members to carefully monitor air quality when determining appropriate exercise for themselves and their animals. Per USEF guidelines, we strongly recommend that horses not be subjected to strenuous exercise when the Air Quality Index exceeds 150. The welfare and safety of all—including our equine athletes—is of paramount importance.



         Cross-Country Schooling Extended!


With clearer air and support from Woodside Eventing, we are able to extend the time for schooling on our cross-country course with some caveats.


PLEASE READ CAREFULLY to ensure you do not inadvertently jeopardize your competition plans by not following schooling protocols.


·All horses entered in the FEI portion of the upcoming competition cannot jump any obstacle regardless of size after dusk on Tuesday, September 22nd or risk elimination from the competition. They are allowed to use the exercise track and conditioning hill.


·The Introductory through Prelim courses (Not any obstacles on the 2* track) will stay open for schooling until dusk on Sunday, September 27th.


·There will be course work being done during this time and riders are required to maintain at least a 100m distance from any equipment or personnel.


-Use caution and good judgement jumping on cross‐country.

-Use caution and good judgement in regards to air quality and exertion of horse and rider.

-Thank you Jason and crew for all of your hard work preparing the Cross Country course for all to enjoy!

-Due to COVID‐19 restrictions, reservations are required for jumping on cross‐country.  Please click on this link.

                                             HAVE A GREAT RIDE! 





ARENAS Updated Friday, 9/18/2020: All arenas are OPEN. Cross-Country, Perimeter Trails, and Exercise Track are OPEN.                                                          

Please remain alert to your surroundings, do not leave valuables visible and notify the office of any unusual activity on The Horse Park grounds!





The Horse Park, established in 1981, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to land preservation and equestrian sport. Our land stewardship includes: invasive weed eradication; erosion control; native grass and plant restoration; a conscientious mowing plan for perpetuation of native grasses, weed abatement and fire prevention; and a native garden. Our equestrian programs encompass all that a premier equestrian facility has to offer: an international level cross country course, state-of-the-art footing, a covered arena, and 8 additional arenas.

We are unique to California and the West Coast as we encompass over 270 beautiful acres in the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area. The Horse Park is a wonderful refuge whether on foot or horseback, you can enjoy great vistas, the restorative power of nature and its simple beauty. In an effort to maintain this equine treasure, the Horse Park offers low cost memberships for both equine sports as well as for dog walking. Over the years it has been donations to our non-profit that have allowed this beautiful park to thrive. Everything we achieve, we do so because of generous individuals that share our vision and dedication to providing opportunities for educational, recreational and competitive activities in a variety of equestrian disciplines. We believe that The Horse Park at Woodside provides a balanced platform for the growth and development of youth and adults alike.



The Horse Park at Woodside is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) that provides opportunities for educational, recreational and competitive activities in a variety of equestrian disciplines that encourage the growth and development of youth and adults.

The Horse Park at Woodside is committed to:

           • Thoughtful stewardship of the land
           • Providing broad access to land appropriate to equestrian use
           • Adding value in the community
           • Other activities compatible with equestrian uses